If you have an incredible eye for the next big thing in fashion, putting up a fashion statement that becomes the cynosure of all eyes is a no-brainer. This statement can be attributed to Kimberly Renée-Craig (known to many as, Kim), a fashion enthusiast, with a desire to create a trendy wardrobe for that active and independent woman, and overzealous fashion lover.

To fulfill this need, Renée Craig Clothing Co., the brainchild of Kimberly Renée-Craig, was born.

Kim wants to give savvy shoppers the best shopping experience and help them express their sense of style. When your closet is a bit out of style, she has the perfect idea to revamp your wardrobe with the latest trends and celebrity styles.

The idea behind Renée Craig Clothing Co. was conceived during a conversation over coffee with a friend at Starbucks, in downtown Atlanta, GA. The conversation was centered on recycling Kim’s closet by selling clothing items that she no longer needs, online. The idea sunk in and she ran with it.

She delved into research, putting bits and pieces together to make sense of it all. Inadvertently, she stumbled on a Google ad about starting your own online clothing store. That was the push she needed to get started. Kim fine tuned the idea and an eCommerce women’s clothing store was the end result, which today called, Renée Craig Clothing Co.

Because Kim was fully devoted to elevating styles and self-perception of the every woman that comes in contact with her, she set out to target a specific audience for her store. Right from the outset, being a “Label Whore” was totally out of the question, so she disassociated herself from the designer labels, which are far from the reach of the average person working 9 to 5.

Her target audience is the budget-conscious Fashionista, who wants to elevate her sense of style while looking chic. Renée Craig Clothing Co. has been pushing boundaries to bring you the latest and the trendiest looks for less.

Renée Craig Clothing Co. is a premiere destination for women all over the world, offering the trendiest select fashion and accessories at irresistible prices. The store is committed to providing the best quality products and services.

“For me, in my opinion, fashion goes beyond designer labels. Fashion is a distinct style and behavior that an individual chooses, to express their individuality. While being fashionable, they can feel comfortable, confident and empowered.” says, Kim.

Renée Craig Clothing Co. product range covers key fashion needs, from trendy quality clothing and accessories, to the season’s must-haves and essential items, every woman will find the right match. “I love fashion because it’s a form of art. It’s diverse and accommodates everyone. I love that it’s in a constant state of evolution – there are no rules! I love to see fashion trends go out of style and come back with a twist.” says, Kim.

In that spirit, Renée Craig Clothing Co. has continued to grow and evolve, meeting needs and putting smiles on faces.