La Reina is the Spanish term for the word “Queen”. La Reina by Racquel was created for women who want to look glam without sacrificing rent/car payments to do so. La Reina’s intent is to be transparent and authentic about its products to customers. We sell RAW/VIRGIN hair only. Our desire is to help women feel good by looking good but most importantly provide all you need to protect your natural tresses.

For the college girl who wants to look chic and not sacrifice her food budget.

For the woman who wants to switch is up every now and then.

For the woman who wants to retain natural hair length by rocking protective styles.

For the Diva who wants to make a statement when she enters the room.

La Reina was created for you by a woman who believes looking good doesn’t have to break the bank, wearing weaves doesn’t mean you don’t love your natural hair. Racquel wants you to break the barriers society puts women in. So, to the dark skin girl, the “too fat” girl, the “too loud” girl, the “too bold girl” La Reina is for YOU! Live BOLD, Be YOU, Be DARN BEAUTIFUL doing it!