On this page we keep it “a hunnid” with you about our products. See all the information you need to know below.


Raw hair and Virgin hair are NOT the same thing:
– Raw hair, is hair in its natural form with no steam or chemical processing. Virgin hair, is hair the has been steamed to change the curl pattern of the hair. NO CHEMICALS
– Because black women are blessed, no other ethnicity have our curl pattern hence why to achieve kinky curly pattern VIRGIN hair is steamed.
– Raw hair REQUIRES more care than virgin hair because it’s in its natural form.

With proper care your hair can last as long as 2 years or more….yes I said it!
– The hair has been cut from its donor’s head so its not longer receiving the nutrients it needs to flourish. As a result you MUST use the right products and methods to replenish the hair with what it needs to slay in these streets.

Where does your hair come from?
– NOT CHINA I can tell you that
– Our Indian hair comes from Chennai, India. Our Vietnamese Hair comes from Vietnam.

What’s the difference with Indian and Vietnamese hair?
– Indian Hair has a slightly more fuller, coarse texture than Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair is silkier compared to Indian hair. Indian hair curl patterns are more distinct as Vietnamese hair is mostly straight or of a loose pattern.

Do you sell Mink, Brazilian, Peruvian hair?
– No we do not.

We accept Paypal, bank deposits and Cash App (under special rush orders ONLY.)

What happens if I open a Chargeback?
– As of May 6, 2018 any customer who opens a chargeback will be charged a $50 chargeback fee. All chargebacks will be disputed with our merchant processor and our bank. You will no longer be able to purchase from our company. You will be turned over to our bank’s fraud protection department for further investigation.

Why do I have to sign for my delivery?
– We want to ensure that everyone of our Queens receive their packages in time to slay! While we have no control over the time the delivery company gets to your door, we will hold all parties accountable for the packages. Someone will therefore have to sign for large package orders. Sis it’s rough out here in these streets and people steal stuff.

Do you offer wholesale?
– We will consider it. Just send us an email!


Will my hair shed?

We would like to establish trust with our Queens, therefore honestly is the fore front of our brand. Yes ALL hair sheds BUT our hair does NOT excessively shed with proper care, sealing the weft and/or not cutting them.

Can I put heat on my hair?

Yes you can! Be cautious not to apply heat too often, this is Virgin hair and will react the same way your natural hair does when it encounters too much heat.

Why does my bundles look different?

One bundle is take from the same donor so no two bundles will look exactly alike. You might find slight differences in curl pattern or color.

I can't find the products, can I use a substitution?

NO, use other products at your own risk. Virgin hair from these origins are beautiful and require care in order to remain that way. Not every products on the shelves contain ingredients that are healthy for this type of hair.

My hair is dry what should I do?

If your hair is colored, simply deep condition the hair using heat and our recommended masque for a hour or two longer than you normally would.

If your hair is not colored, dryness could be a sign of using the wrong products, or that it’s time for a wash and deep condition treatment.

Please use a heat protective product whenever you apply heat to your hair.

-Hair can be colored but remember it will no longer be virgin and will need extra care to retain it’s luster and shine.

-This hair is an investment, treat it as such and it can last you two or more years.

– La Reina by Racquel’s products does not tangle EXCEPT if you don’t use the right products, don’t care for the hair as instructed.

– Curly hair will tangle a little just apply a little moisture and gently detangle and EVERY hair sheds even the ones growing from your scalp, however the shedding is VERY minimal. To prevent shedding simply seal wefts or refrain from cutting during installation.