These valuable impressions sparked the interests of some very reputable Production companies, landing Supa on All Def Digital (2016). Many offers for Reality TV Productions followed. Her respected opinions help her launch “Da Soup Kitchen” Podcast, where Supa and close friends offered their unfiltered opinions on current events, and personal life situations.

Supa is not only known for her sense of humor, but for her unique, and unconventional Parenting skills. After a video of her teaching her Son, Tre to protect himself from bullying (By “Roasting” or “Ribbing”) went viral, Wuzzam Supa was featured on Vibe, BET, Essence, and Fader to name a few. R & B Singer Monica, instantly felt a connection, and personally approached her, commending her parenting skills and warm personality. They have since partnered their Brands with awesome give a ways.

Early on in her Career, Supa understood the importance of branding after resiliently being mentored by Jessica Dupart (DaRealBBJudy), most known for her smart, strategic, strong and tactical marketing skills. This mentorship helped blossom and motivated Supa’s views on her Brand.

Early 2017, Supa became immersed in the world of beauty and makeup. She worked tirelessly to create and birth The Crayon Case. The Crayon Case, a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world, has taken Social Media by storm. Crayon Cuties are obsessed, crashing sites, and begging for re launch days after continuous product sell outs.

Wuzzam will never conform to what society says a Social Media Personality should be, making her more appealing, and loved. The success of the Crayon Case has proved she is unrelenting and determined to be the best at all she accomplishes.