Cops Statement To Venus After Car Accident Raises Questions

...Aaaawkward, or naw?

#Roommates, new information about the fatal car accident that Venus Williams was in has surfaced.

According to TMZ, police informed Venus that she was at fault in the car accident, but reassures her that she wouldn’t be getting a ticket because she was caught in the middle. Police told her, “I think you got stuck in the middle of the intersection. It’s one of those situations where you had the right way, but you lost the right of way.” He advised Venus to let the insurance companies handle it. A statement like this seems a bit off being that its usually protocol for cops to give someone a ticket if they are at a fault.

Though the officer on duty did not directly mention her celebrity status, statements like this definitely raise questions as to why she would be able to leave the scene of the accident without a ticket if he thought she was at fault


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